ANOSMIA, HYPOSMIA AND DYSGEUSIA can be the First Symptoms of Covid 19

Loss of Smell and Taste Could be Early Symptoms of Covid 19 The typical symptoms of Covid 19 are fever, cough and breathing difficulty. However, several cases have been reported, where patients presented with lack of smell and taste, who were later diagnosed to be having Covid 19. Many of these patients had no respiratoryContinue reading “ANOSMIA, HYPOSMIA AND DYSGEUSIA can be the First Symptoms of Covid 19”

TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA- Description of Symptoms

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is among the commonest causes for episodic facial pain. It commonly affects one side of face, however, in some patients, both sides of face may get affected. Here, we have a patient suffering from left sided trigeminal neuralgia, describing her symptoms. Pain is episodic, shock-like, lasting for a few seconds. Pain isContinue reading “TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA- Description of Symptoms”


Syrinx refers to a fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) filled cavity in the spinal cord. A small syrinx either may not cause any symptoms or cause only minor symptoms, and therefore, they remain undiagnosed for long. They get detected when MRI spine is done for evaluation of neck pain, or other symptoms. In the MRI of cervicalContinue reading “INCIDENTAL CERVICAL SYRINX”