Hemifacial Spasm caused by a Dolicho-ectatic Basilar Artery

An otherwise healthy man presented with left hemifacial spasm of 3 years duration. It started with left blepharospasm (involuntary contractions of eyelid muscles) causing narrowing of palpebral aperture. Gradually, the symptoms progressed to involve the left side of face. Involuntary contractions occurred in muscles of facial expression and lip muscles also. MRI with MR AngiogramContinue reading “Hemifacial Spasm caused by a Dolicho-ectatic Basilar Artery”

MRI Abnormalities in Canavan’s Disease- Leukodystrophy

9 month old child was brought with a history of developmental delay (both motor and speech delay) and seizures. The symptoms were progressively worsening. There was no family history of similar illness. On examination, the child had large head (macrocephaly) and spasticity of all 4 limbs. MRI brain showed megalencephalic appearance with symmetric increased signalContinue reading “MRI Abnormalities in Canavan’s Disease- Leukodystrophy”