A 78-year old man presented with left hemiparesis of 90 minutes duration. A diagnosis of right MCA territory infarct was made and he was started on tissue plasminogen activator infusion for thrombolysis. 54 minutes after starting infusion, he developed swelling involving left side of tongue. t-PA infusion was stopped. A diagnosis of oro-lingual edema wasContinue reading “ANGIOEDEMA AFTER tissue PLASMINOGEN ACTIVATOR INFUSION”

Mechanical Thrombectomy in Wake-Up Stroke

Mechanical thrombectomy is very effective in the first few hours after onset of symptoms, in patients with acute ischemic stroke. It is approved within the first six hours of symptom onset, if there is occlusion of internal carotid artery or proximal middle cerebral artery, provided the NIHSS score is 6 or more. However, problem arisesContinue reading “Mechanical Thrombectomy in Wake-Up Stroke”

Hypertension is a Risk Factor for Both Ischemic Stroke and Hemorrhagic Stroke

Hypertension is a risk factor for both ischemic as well as hemorrhagic strokes. In the case presented here, same patient suffered ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes at two different times. On the CT scan image above, yellow arrows point to the old left temporal infarct. Red arrows point to an acute right thalamic hemorrhage. Control ofContinue reading “Hypertension is a Risk Factor for Both Ischemic Stroke and Hemorrhagic Stroke”

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