CAVERNOMA Causing Chronic Focal Epilepsy

FLAIR MRI images shows a left frontal hypointense lesion with multiple flow voids, surrounded by hyperintense areas, suggestive of a cavernoma with surrounding gliosis. The patient had a history of right focal motor seizures (with or without secondary generalization) of 5 years duration, which was well controlled with medications (oxcarbazepine, sodium valproate and clobazam). Therefore,Continue reading “CAVERNOMA Causing Chronic Focal Epilepsy”

Focal Cortical Gliosis and ULEGYRIA Causing Focal Epilepsy

Focal epilepsy affects only one side of body and in most cases, consciousness is preserved during seizures. However, in some cases, seizures can spread to the opposite side (known as secondary generalisation), which can lead to loss of consciousness. In several cases of focal epilepsy, structural changes on MRI can be seen. This case isContinue reading “Focal Cortical Gliosis and ULEGYRIA Causing Focal Epilepsy”

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