ESSENTIAL TREMORS affecting ONE Arm and Head

Essential tremors (ETs) are the commonest causes of tremors, along with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It is usually thought that tremors affecting one hand are typical of PD, and in ET, tremors affect both hands. However, in clinical practice, it is not unusual to see patients with ET, who have tremors affecting only one hand. TheContinue reading “ESSENTIAL TREMORS affecting ONE Arm and Head”

Jaw Tremors and Asymmetric hand Tremors in a Case of Essential Tremors

A 65-year old lady presented with six years history of tremors affecting both upper limbs, left more than right. I had periodically seen her during these 6 years. Tremors were of postural type and affected left upper limb more than the right upper limb. She developed jaw tremors for the past 3-6 months, which wereContinue reading “Jaw Tremors and Asymmetric hand Tremors in a Case of Essential Tremors”