Smartphone use has increased over time. Smartphone is used for multiple functions other than phone, such as browsing internet, playing games, watching movies/videos, chatting, as a camera, etc. Life without smartphone is unimaginable. The impact of smartphone use on primary headache syndromes is not well known.

In a recent research study, headache characteristics were compared between smartphone users and smartphone non-users. It was found that people using smartphones required higher number of analgesics. Moreover, they had lesser relief with medications used to treat acute headache episodes.


  1. Smartphone use is linked to higher incidence of headache episodes.
  2. Smartphone users need higher number of analgesics to treat their headaches.
  3. Smartphone users have lesser relief in headache with analgesics.

(Ref: Neurology, March 4, 2020)

Published by Dr Sudhir Kumar MD (Medicine) DM (Neurology)

I am a doctor with 25 years experience. I have worked as a neurologist for about 20 years. Educating public and healthcare professionals is very dear to me. This is possible due to my interactions with thousands of patients and their caregivers. I salute the patients who suffer and it is our duty to minimise suffering by preventing diseases and ensuring prompt diagnosis and treatment of those already affected.

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