Foot Drop (Steppage gait)

This video shows a patient with right sided foot drop. Foot drop occurs due to weakness of dorsiflexors of ankle and toes. The muscles involved are tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus and extensor digitorum longus. These muscles are supplied by deep peroneal nerve, a branch of common peroneal nerve. While walking, the patient has exaggerated flexion at hip and knee joints on the affected side, so that to clear the ground and avoid hurting the toes. This results in steppage gait. While bringing the foot down, the plantar flexors work unopposed, and the foot may “slap” the floor.

Published by Dr Sudhir Kumar MD (Medicine) DM (Neurology)

I am a doctor with 25 years experience. I have worked as a neurologist for about 20 years. Educating public and healthcare professionals is very dear to me. This is possible due to my interactions with thousands of patients and their caregivers. I salute the patients who suffer and it is our duty to minimise suffering by preventing diseases and ensuring prompt diagnosis and treatment of those already affected.

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